"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is where you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t." - Pete Seeger


- - Name | Pronunciation; Matthew Jon Adams | [MAT-thu] [JON] [Ad-Ums]

- - Nicknames/Aliases; Matt, Giraffe

- - Birthday | Age; Matt was born on April 9, 1985 | This makes him 28 years old

 - - Parents; Matt was a product of the holy union of Father, Jon Adams. Mother, Julie Reynolds

- - Siblings; Matt doesn’t have any siblings. While his mother was pregnant she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. They waited until after Matt was born to do anything, because despite being sick, she still wanted a child.  After Matt was born she had a full hysterectomy.

- - Pet(s); When he was younger he had two Siberian huskies. One black, Denver, the other red, Boulder. They both had blue eyes. Currently he doesn’t have any pets. He did buy a pet rock of the Internet, but when he was moving it was lost. He thinks one of the movers thought it was an actual rock.

- - Heritage; Matt’s heritage is simply American. His mother has a large cross to English blood, and so does his father, but there isn’t a clear split for him to identify with.

- - Hometown; Matt was born in Portland, Maine. When he was six years old his parents relocated to the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington, so he went too.

- - Current Residence; With the branching out of his current project, it took Matt too Annapolis, Maryland. He will stay here until he finishes building the home and everything is settled.

- -Religion; Matthew’s parents are Catholic. By proxy, this makes Matt Catholic. However, he hasn’t been to a church since he was 19 years old. He doesn’t particularly care about going back either.

- - Sexual Orientation; Matt is strictly heterosexual. When men hit on him it makes him extremely uncomfortable. It usually causes him to close off and try to get them to leave as soon as possible.

- - Personality; Matt is an easy personality. He doesn’t fight or argue, so when the opportunity arises, he just walks away. He is caring and helpful, and more often than not, he helps homeless people by giving them money, or finding them something to eat. He does have a crazy side as well. If you catch him at the right side, he can close a bar down, and has done so on more than one occasion.

- - Distinguishing; Matt’s distinguishing characteristic is how he acts around children. It is natural how he can just slip into the role of big brother or father. He is extremely easy for kids to talk to and that is what makes him so successful in what he does. His last girlfriend left him because she thought it was scary how natural he was at it.


- - Hair; Brown with flecks of something lighter that shine through when it is sunny at. He didn’t realize this until he moved from Washington, because the cloud cover was almost constant and he didn’t realize his hair was anything other than brown.

- - Eyes; Matt’s eyes are a constant Hazel. Most people with hazel eyes swear that their eyes change color, Matt does not.

- - Height; Matt is 6’2”. He started getting tall in middle school, and was the butt of most jokes.

 - - Scars | Tattoos | Piercings;  Matt doesn’t have any noticeable scars. | Matt has six tattoos. Script across his chest, collar bones, and on his ribs. An intricate triangle on his shoulder and an equal sign under it. Finally, he has an anchor on his left index finger. | In high school he got his lip pierced, but has since removed it and the hole has healed.

- - Accent; Matt has a heavy New England accent that he picked up in Maine

- - Appearance; Because Matt is so tall, he is considered lanky. He has never actually gone to the gym to work out to gain muscle. He has a six-pack, but it is barely defined. Most likely it is only there because there isn’t anything else there to fill the space. His hair is long and usually smoothed back over his head. If it isn’t long, it is cropped and looks like a normal hair cut a man would posses. If you were to run into Matt on the street, the first thing you might think is he is homeless, because that is how he dresses himself. He firmly believes he can dress however he want, because he has the money to do so.


- -  High School; Lake Roosevelt High School

- - Undergraduate School; Matthew did not go to college. He didn’t like school, and going to continue it didn’t sound like something he wanted to be doing.

- - Graduate school; 

 - - Major; 

- - Classes; 


- - Occupation; After high school Matt founded a new chain of Boys’ homes whose main functions is to take homeless boys off the street and be a positive influence in their lives.

- -  Criminal Record; Matt’s criminal record consists of three MIPs from when he was a teenager.

- - Habits; Matt likes to go to pet stores just to look at the parrots. If he finds a Macaw, he likes to spend the rest of the day just to teach the bird a dirty phrase. He has corrupted over twenty parrots.

- - Phobias; Matt doesn’t have any legitmate phobias. He has a slight fear of hitting his head on every doorway he walks under.

- - Addictions; He used to have a habitual addiction to Marijuana, but he is slowly getting over it. Every once in awhile He’ll get a joint and curb the urge to smoke.

- - Hobbies; Matt’s main hobby is he liked to play guitar. He can sit in the middle of a park and just come up with etudes off the top of his head and play them until he has them perfected. Once he perfects them, he leaves and never plays the same song again.

- - Marital Status; Matt is currently single and has never been engaged.

- - Children; 

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